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Eye Health for 20s to 30s

Vision Development in Adults

Eye and vision system development usually complete when the individual reaches his early 20s. Their eye health and vision normally remain unchanged throughout their 30s. Young adults will find that the change in their eyeglasses or contact lens prescription will vary just slightly or not at all.

LASIK or Refractive Surgery

If a person is considering LASIK or other refractive surgery, this would be a reasonable period to have the surgery for vision and eye health correction. Do keep in mind that LASIK has both advantages and risks. Consult one of our professional optometrists before making a decision.

Eye Health for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, your body will experience in hormonal and physical changes. Your vision may also be affected. The following are some of the vision problems you may face:
  • Dry Eyes During Pregnancy
  • Blurry Vision During Pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia (marked by high blood pressure and presence of protein in urine) and Vision Problems
  • Gestational Diabetes and Vision Problems
Some vision problems may need medical attention. However, your eye health will return to normal after giving birth.