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HOYA BlueControl Lenses

Hoya corporation, a global technology company based in Tokyo, Japan. It is the leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech products and services based upon its reputation in advance optics technologies.

Hoya creates the latest lens designs and applies them to thin durable lens materials for visual comfort with their renowned treatments or anti-reflection coating.

Hoya BlueControl is the optimal solution for clients who face digital screen throughout the day.

Hoya BlueControl lenses are definitely for you if you often come into contact with TVs, flat screen computers, tablets, laptops or smartphones. Digital devices emit blue light which is harmful to your vision as over exposure to blue light causes eye strain, eye fatigue and sleeplessness.

Hoya BlueControl Lens helps to:

  • Neutralize blue light
  • Prevent eye strain and fatigue
  • Keep the eyes in better condition
  • Eliminate glare for comfortable and relaxed vision while using digital devices
  • Enhance contrast perception for a more natural color experience
  • Protect your lenses against elements such as water, dirt, grease and dust

BlueControl Lens Properties

HOYA BlueControl Properties

Highest Scratch Resistance

Scratches are easily made, no matter how carefully you handle your glasses. HOYA BlueControl is ultra-hard and reduces the chance of scratches to an absolute minimum, now and in the future.

HOYA BlueControl Properties

Anti-Reflection Coating

Reflections cause irritation and eye fatigue. HOYA BlueControl takes away these reflections and provides you with a relaxed vision, perfect protection and last but not least, an elegant look.

HOYA BlueControl Properties

Hydrophobic Layer

HOYA BlueControl has a water-repellent top layer which ensures water drops have minimal grip on the lens surface. As a result, you are assured optimal vision in rain or condensation.

HOYA BlueControl Properties

Anti-Static Properties

HOYA BlueControl has anti-static top layer preventing dust from adhering to the lens surface, providing you with clear vision in all circumstances. And, more importantly, less dust means less cleaning!

HOYA BlueControl Properties

Dirt Repellent

Thanks to the super-smooth surface of BlueControl lenses and its easy to clean properties, grease of dirt are easily wiped off from the lens. Even after long term use and repeated wiping. BlueControl keeps its excellent easy-to-clean properties.