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Eye Health for 40s

Vision Health in Individuals over 40 years old

Most people around the age of 40 may notice visual changes. The most common eye health problem faced by many is the difficulty to see clearly within close distances. This vision problem is known as Presbyopia. Having Presbyopia will start to affect your work and enjoyment of life. You may need to hold reading materials farther away to see them clearer. Printed materials may appear blurry up close.

Ways To Regain Clear Near Vision

Presbyopia cannot be prevented or cured but there are actions to make up for the loss of near vision.
  • Wearing eyeglasses - single vision reading glasses or multifocal lenses
  • Contact lenses - monovision or bifocal lenses
  • Laser surgery or other eye health surgery procedures

Risk of Vision Problem Development

You may have a higher chance of developing eye and vision problems if you are experiencing any of the following eye health issues:
  • Glaucoma or macular degeneration through family generations
  • High visual demand job or working in an eye-hazardous environment
  • Chronic, systemic conditions - Diabetes or high blood pressure
  • High cholesterol, anxiety or depression and thyroid conditions, arthritis with medications
  • Medication intake such as antihistamines may have ocular side-effects

Age-related Vision Changes and Warnings

  • Need for more visible light
  • Difficulty reading and working up close
  • Glaring issues
  • Alter in color perception
  • Reduced tear production
  • Fluctuating vision
  • Floaters and Flashes occur
  • Losing side vision
  • Seeing images in distorted manner